Ink Dish

January 5, 2011

I didn’t make that up.  Ink Dish is the name of the company that produces the dishes and serving pieces designed by Paul Timman, tattoo artist.  He is considered  “a giant” in the tattoo industry and his clients include: Mark Wahlberg, Pamela Anderson and Ben Affleck.  Paul is a specialist in tribal and traditional Japanese designs.  For Paul, art and tattooing are a perfect mix. After graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art he began tattooing out of his apartment. As word spread and he outgrew his premises Paul joined the Toledo Tattoo Company. A year later Paul moved to Hollywood, and began working at Sunset Strip Tattoo, the most famous tattoo parlor in the country. More than ten years later Paul is one of the leading tattoo artists in the world.  Paul’s A-list clientele has also led to work painting temporary tattoos for film, television, and commercials. Now, Paul is coming full circle to his start in glass and inking his world-renowned designs on porcelain.  And am I glad… I LOVE the dragon salad/side plate (shown above) from the Irezumi Collection from Ink Dish.  I want to buy these and mix them with white plates and maybe a little bit of traditional “Blue Willow” (seen below) for a funky informal mix of old and new, perfect for a summer dinner party.

Blue Willow is one of the most popular china patterns of all time. This pattern (or variations of it) date back to the late 1700’s. There is some speculation as to the exact origin of this design, but Spode is generally credited with being the creator of the pattern collected by so many people over the years. Just about every china manufacturer has had a go at the Willow pattern, so the designs vary as greatly as the prices. There are at least 9 different border designs, and more than 10 center patterns. You can find Blue Willow for sale for a few dollars or a few thousand dollars. You can also find the pattern on more than just cups and plates. Through the years, Blue Willow has adorned nearly every item imaginable. From vases to children’s toys to whale shaped ashtrays, Blue Willow can be found everywhere. It can also be found in other colors- Pink, Green, Black and Brown to name a few!


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