Tom Ford

January 4, 2011

After his success last year with the hauntingly beautiful movie A Single Man, Mr. Ford continues to keep our attention by articulating through fashion and design what is current and hip.  That savvy or understanding of what is “in” relates to interiors and the direction of design and architecture.  Trends follow other trends and trends ebb and flow.  The market is saturated by retailers buying into a look and customers react to what they like by buying it, items become popular and trends are created, but it was the designer that sold to the retailer that created the merchandise to allow for the trend.  The point is: Tom Ford is a trend setter.

I love this video.  It has a definite layer of vintage (the hot topic for me over the last few days, if you haven’t been tracking) with a hip and cool modern sexiness, opulent and definitely rich looking.   You could own the room if you showed up wearing his designs.  Quality above all else, comfort, beauty, and perhaps a surprise… That’s how a room should feel.  Quality should be apparent but without making the room “unsitable” or overly fancy.  Livable Luxe is the vibe and I’m loving it.

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