Good Books

January 3, 2011

…don’t always have plots, antagonists and chapters.  Some of my favorite books are filled with picture after beautiful picture; inspiring pictures, beautiful pictures, thought-provoking pictures.  Ideas come from the most unusual places, and often looking through a book of fashion or architecture can help lead to an idea for an interior design project.  Sometimes I simply get lost in the images of a beautiful coffee table book.  I even love a good book just sitting on my coffee table or stacked up in a near-by bookcase.  Books make wonder perches, a lift or platform for an object. ( I have a client that calls anything worthy of standing in as a pedestal an “alley-oop”).  Good sized, pretty picture books do this wonderfully and look good doing it and they offer riches inside.

So a good book on your coffee table will make your ashtray look better, big deal, right?  Well it’s a bit more than that for me.  The books you choose to collect and display will say a lot about yourself.  To me a persons books are like a window into their personality and having a clear look at their seeing interests, passions or inspirations.  So choose your “alley-oops” thoughtfully and perhaps not just for size and color, although that would make your decorator very happy.

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