Vintage Is In

January 1, 2011

Take a cue from major retailers like Levi’s, when it comes to interiors and whats hot in fashion, vintage is red-hot.  Now were not just talking junk, found objects will find their way in to this trend but the key elements of vintage style are:

Raw Materials – The Vintage trend has helped strip back materials like wood, stone and metal back to their original state.  No longer are they lacquered, painted, polished, pickled, powder-coated, celebrated now is the beauty of the material in its raw form, and the patina of time and use is to be expected, even hoped for.

Mixing old and new – To keep this look from going kitschy industrial and modern elements are mixed in with vintage and antique finds to strike a balance of old and new.  We are not trying to re-create a time gone by, think of it as a fresh spin on time-worn classics.  Antiques and collectables alongside modern, machine age finishes and furniture.

The Layered Look –  This trend likes stuff on top of stuff, more is more, piles, stacks and shelves full.  Don’t be shy when it comes to finishing this look.  Exuberance is part of the collected over time concept.  Imagine a home, filled with quality furnishings for years and years, without the benefit of ever having been edited, then edit it down to the truly cool stuff and add a modern twist.  As Ina Garten says… That was easy.


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