…and then it was 2011

December 31, 2010

First a big THANK YOU to all my readers.  I started this blog to be able to promote & share anything I felt was well designed, pretty, inspirational, or fresh and new in the world of architecture, design, fashion and/or the arts and frankly I can’t believe so many of you are willing to keep coming back to see what I have to say!  This blog isn’t about selling something, or promoting my own interior design services, it’s about sharing the passion for design in any form and I’m flattered that your interested in my perspective, THANK YOU.

Here’s to a new year of blog posts, but where to begin?  I think I will start by ending  ( because it’s still 2010 ) by going back and giving you my own top 10 list of BILLblog from this year.  Top 10 lists have become “the” end-of-year wrap up…  a count down and a look back and i think we have David Letterman to thank for that.   Here’s mine:

10. I’m Working on it – July 27

This project was so creatively fulfilling for me.  I couldn’t have asked for a better job… Clients that trusted and respected my opinion, an end product that was truly my vision and a respectable budget that allowed for the before mentioned.

9. More Summer Love – July 19th

This house is IT for me, the dream house…. everything perfect, even it’s location!  ‘nuf said.

8. Sneek Peek, June 11th

These were the pictures I took while my house was being shot for Southern New England Home.  While my work has appeared in other publications – including Southern New England Home – to have my own home shot and printed for the world to see was a big deal to me!

7. Before & After – May 19th

Because EVERYONE loves a good before and after story (and because it turned out so well).

6. Kelly Wearstler – May 4th

She continues to be the designer I feel has her pulse on what is current while making beautiful rooms that will stand the test of time.  Layered, rich, pretty and unique… this woman is a design power-house.

5. More White Spaces – April 16th

Just the prettiest rooms ever! …I never get sick of neutral rooms with interesting shapes and forms.

4. The Perfect Countertop – March 22nd

A very popular post… many found this blog informative and important.  In the throes of a major re-design you don’t want to make an expensive mistake, the right countertops are important and are not cheap.

3. A Well Designed Cake – February 17

I never would have guessed that a blog post about cakes would be SO popular… more hits on this blog than many others… can you say Bridezillas?  …just kidding ladies.

2. Setting the Table – November 21st

This is the all time highest, most looked at and read post of the year.  I guess there are a lot of people who appreciated being reminded of how a table should be set.  Who knew?  I’d like to think now that we have that figured out we can spend more time on the centerpiece?

1. White Kitchens – All of them

A personal Favorite, if this blog wasn’t BILLblog, it would have been WHITE KITCHENS.  Love them, can’t get enough, never tire of them, suits any style of architecture and yes a VERY popular subject for BILLblog.  Thanks again for reading, and Happy New Year!


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