Resolve to Redecorate

December 27, 2010

The new year is a time for starting fresh, out with the old and in with the new… or maybe just out with the old.  Who says we have to keep consuming?  Hold on to the things you really care about and let the rest go and you might be surprised how things look in the “new light” editing a space can often make as much of a difference as redecorating.   My advice to you this new year is to tackle a room (one at a time) by emptying it.  Vow to only put back the things you like and need, everything else should be negotiable.  Paint if you choose to and address flooring issues if any and slowly put back the things you feel are good for the look you are hoping to achieve in the space.  Shop the rest of your house and consider trying things you haven’t tried before, if you already own it worth a shot.  Ask friends and neighbors if they have anything for trade, you might be surprised how many people might be willing to trade with you for something you want.  And, please don’t make the mistake of putting things back where they were, just because they have always been in that particular spot.  try arranging in a different way, experimentation only costs time and energy.  Not enough time and energy?  then choose something else from the list above and disregard this post.

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