Nantucket Update

December 21, 2010

Some time back I blogged about a design job on Nantucket, it was a great job with a client I truly enjoy working with.  Well she called recently and asked if I would create a more comfortable guest house for her on the property and you’d better bet I jumped at the chance.  The tiny kitchen needs to be updated and it is barely 10 x 10 and the living room (if you can call it that) is big enough for a small sofa and two chairs, but I’m up for the challenge.  In fact, we picked the kitchen finishes in one afternoon, after having helped with the main house this little kitchen was easy.  The picture above is the main houses kitchen, what we have planned for the little house is a paired down, more rustic version of this.  An exposed dish drying rack and a farmers sink and butcher block counters will create a relaxed and easy kitchen.  Were going to repeat the stone counter from the Big house (it’s not really that big) on the sink side and the butcher block will flank the range.  A bead-board back-splash and open shelving will help keep costs down on materials and cabinetry.   Here are some of the details…

Once we have approved the final cabinetry plan and chosen appliances, were off and running with paint chips, fabric swatches, lighting plans and furniture tear-sheets!  Stay tuned for more details, and thanks for reading.


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