Dec 13, Dec 14 & Dec 15

December 15, 2010

I lost a few days setting up garland, trees and wreaths… sorry!  it’s crunch time, we are at the 10 days til Christmas “it’s almost too late to shipping without priority” time of year. If you haven’t yet… get those gifts out ASAP!  You spend so much time at home it makes sense to invest in beautiful things for your home that make you happy and comfortable right?  When giving a gift consider how the recipient spends his or her time and shop accordingly.  The pleasure in a gift is that it can be something a person might not buy themselves, something that feels like a splurge but still celebrates who they are and their interests.

When I think of what feels like luxury to me I think of things that nurture the senses like a pair of down filled slippers and/or a down filled robe, cozy and warm.  Lavender filled sachets for under bed pillows smell amazing and the scent of lavender helps you relax.  Fine wine is a luxury we don’t all indulge in but for a person that really enjoys wine a bottle with a history, story or pedigree is always welcome.  Art is a great gift… painting, sculpture, textiles, jewelry, drawings, etc.  these items are found easily at open studios, schools, local galleries or done at home (if you are lucky enough to possess a talent).  Handmade candy is nice because it is enjoyed and then it is gone, no unwanted brick-a-brack to collect dust on a bookshelf, but if you’re going to buy candy… make it special.  A friend just opened a truffle shop (la maison de COCO) in Newport RI, her truffles are infused with different types of tea, making for interesting and sophisticated flavors.  Look for speciality candies and hand-made treats like these if you go this route!  Message: Spoil the senses, and give a gift that is sure to be a hit.


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