Make A Donation

December 9, 2010

Any Not-For-Profit organization would happily take a donation in someone’s name this time of year…  Most will even offer a note or acknowledgement of some type to the named person, So if you don’t know what to get the “person who has everything” this is a perfect choice.  I always start locally, the ASPCA and other animal shelters are always in need and animals really do depend on us.  Of course there are food banks, clothing drives and Neediest Family collections that are well deserving and so appreciative.  If you’re the type to do something more exotic give someone a goat.  Yes, there are non-profits that use you donations to buy families in other countries pigs, chickens and goats…  This is always good for a few jokes around the Christmas tree.  Here are just a few of many organizations you can consider:

One of my personal favorites is the Milo Foundation.  It’s in California and what they do is take adoptable animals from high kill shelters and give them a home on 280 acres of land in Willits until they find their forever homes.  They are bathed, fed and loved by Lynne Tingle and no doubt many, many volunteers.

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