Kitchen Gadgets

December 7, 2010

I love to fill stockings “hung by the fireplace with care” full of kitchen tools and gadgets.  Most people cook, or aspire to cook so i figure it’s a great way to support such a pleasure in life or a great way to cultivate it.  You need to do more than pass along a new can opener though…

OXO is a great brand name available at places like Target.  They make a large range of product from veggies brushes to garlic peelers to wine openers and much much more.  If the person you are shopping for is a novice in the kitchen a good set of day-to-day tools is a good place to start.  Even if you think they have a few of the basics, like measuring cups… it’s nice to start fresh with a set that all match and store well.  Buying for a chef?  There are creme brulee torches, mandolins and other speciality tools any chef would love to own.

3 Responses to “Kitchen Gadgets”

  1. miranda Says:

    Going to have to steal this for my blog…

    • bill barr Says:

      You should! When I borrow from other blogs ( check out My Borrowed Blogs ) I try and give credit and celebrate that I’m really just helping spread the word about something else. Who says blogs have to be 100% original content? I think it’s about exposing things to people that they might not know about otherwise. p.s. loving your blog, KEEP IT UP.

  2. Claudia Says:

    *love* OXO products!

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