Everyone Loves Cashmere

December 6, 2010

Well, almost everyone.  Maybe 5% of the population doesn’t like it, or is allergic to it… BUT the rest of us, LOVE CASHMERE.  You can’t go wrong with the gift of luxury and if you don’t want to worry about size and style, go with a blanket or scarf ( depending on your budget ) made of soft cashmere.  I have a blanket at each house that I tend to wear around like a woolen toga, not much for bathrobes it’s my go to cover-up.  TMI?  lol, I am just making the point that a cashmere blanket doesn’t have to just lay over the arm of the sofa in the living room you barely use.  This durable fiber will give you years of cozy comfort.  If you have a big list or you simply want to spend less than the price of a blanket, consider a scarf.

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