Bake Some Love

December 5, 2010

20 days to get your bake on, 19 if you don’t want to wake up Christmas morning and make cookies for your neighbors. This time of year gifts can add up quickly and not everyone can (or wants to) buy an extravagant present for everyone on their list… Sometimes a simple and heart-felt gift is more appropriate.  Spend a day at home cooking up some love in the form of cookies (or candy or jelly or…?) and make your own presents for a fraction of what you might spend on gift otherwise.  Several types of gourmet treats presented together ensures that there is something the recipient is sure to love, and remember… packaging is everything (so is a tasty cookie but you knew that).  My favorite way to present cookies is small boxes available at your local craft store.  Typically white, these “flat fold” boxes are easily dressed up with ribbon and a sprig of holly or raffia and a pine cone.  If you spend a little extra time dressing up the gift of sweets the thought and care of the handmade gift really comes through.

P.S. You don’t have to do the baking.  The cookies pictured above were made by Relish (in Provincetown, they ship!).  If you’re not a baker, find a source for tasty treats and order up some holiday sweets this Christmas.



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