November 28, 2010

One of the larger jobs I have had while working on the East Coast was designing the interiors for the Presidents house at Wheaton College.  There were public spaces that had to perform for groups of 4 to 6 and groups from 20 to 120.  In a previous post (Nov 13) I posted an image of one sitting area in the reception hall where most public functions occur.  This particular photograph however shows the private family room and kitchen of the house.  The image was taken from the doorway into an office for the homemaker close to the heart of the home, but easily hidden by pocket doors.  I think this room turned out to be very comfortable, certainly less formal than the public spaces and warmer with its rich burnt persimmon wall color, chenilled sofas and pecan wood tones.  We started with the rug for this room, which typically informs the rest of the room, and makes choosing an easier process.  I had to get approval of the occupants and the Board of the College on most things, so at times it wasn’t an easy process BUT for the record… The job over all was one of the best to date, the President and his wife were enjoyable and great to work with and the architect was smart, open-minded and well-organized.  With a room of this size and a beautiful rug like this ( from Surroundings for the Home) the rest really was easy.

Since we are getting close to Christmas I thought I’d dig up and image of the room from last year with the Christmas tree.  Yeah, you know it all had to match for this decorator… I did the tree for them in both the public and private spaces as well as other embellishments for the season.  the copper ribbon and gold fruit was the perfect tone for the room.


2 Responses to “Wheaton”

  1. Taunnie Says:

    Love the copper ribbon. It is beautiful with the gold ornaments. I would never have thought of that. It does really compliment the room. Great job 🙂

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