Seven Days Of Lights – Day One

November 17, 2010

How beautiful is this brown and Torquoise Moorish tapestry cloisonne table lamp?  (say that three times fast) It is made by the Frederick Cooper Company and retails for around $800.00.  I’d love to pair this lamp with a chocolate brown linen sofa and some wild Ikat pillows in torquoise and orange.  It’s just one of those things that makes me want to create a room for it.

In 1923, Frederick Cooper, a Chicago artist, established a studio to create beautiful sculpture and watercolor paintings. American architecture was in its heyday in the Windy City. Mr. Cooper was drawn to the still fairly new invention of lamps. Through mixing the media of brass, fabric, glass and wood, Cooper created exquisitely designed lamps that matched the swift innovation in American architecture.  The Frederick Cooper company today prides itself in finding craftsmen from around the world that can ensure consistent supply of high quality stone, marble, jade, and alabaster. They cut unique forms with detailing that enhances the underlying stone. Many lamps are mounted on metal, brass or real wood that accentuates the natural beauty. The shades are carefully selected in luxurious fabrics to bring out the best in the stone base. Quarried stone naturally varies, ensuring that there will be minor lamp to lamp variations.

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