November 15, 2010

DBGB KITCHEN AND BAR is Chef Daniel Boulud’s downtown (New York)  place where the French brassiere meets the American tavern. Enjoy house-made sausage, burgers and Lyonnais inspired dishes. Wash them down with craft beers and affordable table wines in a dining room that does not disappoint!  

The bar is a glass and mirrored room with the menus, drink lists an other quirky musings written (etched or printed) directly on the two materials.  The effect is you feel as if you’re in a room that goes on forever, but the words stop the eye and create intimacy… candlelight is beautiful in the reflection.  It’s modern meets brassiere.

The dining room is a warm darkish space, large in volume but made cozy with benches and rich dark wood tables and shelving that wraps the room.  The colors are raw concrete and a cocoa colored cerused oak, it a very dark taupe brown that is so elegant… the perfect counterpoint to the concrete and the “sparkle” in the room are the beautiful copper pots and pans displayed around the top of the wrap around shelves.

Tucked behind one wall are alcove bankettes, so sexy and cool the room was overflowing the night we were there but there was an intimate calm inside these special retreats.  On the other walls you can watch the kitchen at work through the displays of supplies and wine, an open kitchen sort of… interesting without being distracting.  Oh and the food was GREAT too!

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