Another Perfect Bag (at $320.00 is a deal)

November 14, 2010

Since 2006, CLARE VIVIER is a collection of bags that embodies timeless style over trend, quality over hype, and progress over abstraction. Clare was a journalist working for French television when she was traveling a lot with her laptop and for lack of anything stylish in the marketplace, fabricated her own good-looking padded envelope. Out of that search for bags with chic utility came CLARE VIVIER. The line is manufactured in Los Angeles, and proudly bears the moniker “locally made.” CLARE VIVIER is a socially conscious company, mindful of the local manufacturing community for the jobs it produces and the low-carbon footprint the company inhabits. Clare lives in Los Angeles with her son and French documentarian husband Thierry. They spend a significant amount of time in France every year and all CLARE VIVIER bags carry Clare’s signature style of classic necessity with a nod to timeless French designers. Clare has designed bags for and collaborated with many high end design companies, like Commune DesignJasmin Shokrian, the Viceroy Hotels and Mannin Jewelry.  This bag is available in two strap lengths, 5″ and 8″ – the longer allows you to wear it on your shoulder.  I love both colors, the brown is so rich… it’s hard to choose! to see more!

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