Wheaton College

November 13, 2010

Who knew I’d move from Northern California to the East Coast 7 or so years ago and learn to manipulate my love of spare clean spaces with the architecture and history of New England homes?  This image is from a home I was very lucky to help with on the campus of Wheaton College.  I had done work for client was on the board and she and her architect suggested that the college use Surroundings for the interior design aspect of the project.  It was a dream job.  I worked closely with the client I already had a great working relationship with and the architect is smart, organized and the perfect collaborator.  In this public room there were three sitting areas and a dining room large enough to sit 18 people.  The space is perfect for large receptions, parties and special events.

Beyond the public room, the house has gracious living quarters, also completely re-done and decorated.  An updated kitchen is open to a family room and informal dining area, and there is an adjacent office creating a core to the house that is both functional and beautiful.

Built by Laban Morey Wheaton for his bride Eliza Baylies Chapin, the house became the College President’s residence upon the death of Eliza Wheaton in 1905.  This mansion exemplified the taste and culture of the 1800’s.  It is, therefore, a historical gem to both the Wheaton community and the Norton, Mansfield community. The President’s House reflects a Federal style, a post colonial style usually dating from approximately 1780-1820.




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