Take It Down Low

November 12, 2010

Still on the subject of hanging art…

I’m too old for the limbo and “dipping down low” so lets keep it to hanging art low.  There are what I call forgotten spots that make the perfect place for little treasures all over your house or apartment.  The trick with making these voids work for you is to not overdecorate – leaving breathing room is key – the opposite of salon style, which has a clear method.  I’m warning you from just junking up your walls.  The large singular piece of the sofa in this image allows for the smaller oil paintings to tuck under the lampshades and create intimacy at eye level when sitting in this room.  The scale of the wall needed the big painting but the little paintings  finish the vignette.

Other forgotten places include the space over doorways, on or over bookcases… yes, it’s more than OK to hang art from a bookcase and layer over rows of books, and my favorite under cabinets in the kitchen, bar or elsewhere on the back-splash.  The under cabinet area is a favorite because when the under cabinet lighting is used it turns a rather mundane forgotten area into a mini gallery.  Put the toaster away and hang art in your kitchen, bar or laundry room.

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