It’s A Start…

November 11, 2010

Back on March 6th I blogged about the artist Roi Partridge and how much I love his etchings.  Then, much more recently on October 22 I did a Borrowed Blog from Apartment Therapy on hanging art “salon style”… Finally I have begun to hang and continue to collect etchings, drawings and maps for my own salon style back hall.  Admittedly things get moved around sometimes as new acquisitions come home but I am loving the way it’s looking.  I decided to keep the artwork (for the most part) black and white, it makes such a graphic statement and has a clean organized appearance.

Now that I have started I realize that I wont be “done” until every wall is crowded with black and white images in black frames, so I look for etchings everywhere I go but only buy the ones that I really like…  maybe in a few months (or years) I will post a follow-up blog that cronicles my need to expand my collection but for now I’m hitting the antique stores, estate sales, street fairs and open studios in my area.






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