For The Love Of Dog II

November 8, 2010

I thought you would like to see a picture of my new dog (since I’ve been yammering on about getting one for some time) she’s just 10 weeks old.  I’ve named her Nyla after a women I knew briefly in San Francisco.  Nyla – the woman – was a beautiful, well put together person who oozed class.  A mature woman, she embody the traits women of past decades that dressed, acted and carried themselves a certain way, old school if you will.  I should be so lucky that this little pup has just a few traits of her name sake.

Check out my blog on Border Terriers back on July 29 and October 4th to learn more about the breed.  Originally bred on England and Scotland, her heritage matches mine almost exactly!  I didn’t even plan that.  Nyla has become very comfortable with our other dog Boomer and is growing so quickly I almost can’t believe it.  I’m anxious to mix her with other dogs but I have to wait until she has had all of her puppy shots.


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