A Moment of Solitude

November 5, 2010

A moment in someone’s life, a space to reflect and pause, a modern shell that is home to sadness and grief.  Would you believe that this image is of a mortuary in Northern California?  I think it is a beautiful space, and perfect in its peacefullness for the purposes of saying goodbye to a loved one.  The poured concrete is so heavy and permanent, the lack of adornment is honest, and the garden allows for escape and beauty in a place that is required to support the sorrow of loss.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Does knowing what the space is for change the way you see it?  …it did for me.

Today, remind yourself of what is good in your life, even if you happen to be struggling.  Be thankful for those around you that love you, with your imperfections and be glad that your are here.  Chose your surroundings and how you decorate them for yourself and no one else, break rules and live without fear of regret.  You only go around once, make it count… now go hug somebody you love.


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