I’m Working On It

November 4, 2010

This small livingroom was a challenge to say the least.  The tight space, many doors and a fireplace that is placed awkwardly was just the beginning of the issues this room had.  The front door is to the left of the sofa ( from Hickory Chair ) beyond a black japanned cabinet that is just out of frame; you walk in with the back of the chairs ( from Hickory Chair ) to your left, a narrow bookcase is to your immediate right… perfect as a dry bar.  We played with a taupe/tan and golden tan palette and used a soft apricot as an accent.  Keeping the palette very neutral let the textures in the space be the primary interest and we felt bold colors would overwhelm the small space.  The Baker glass-topped coffee table keeps the center of the room feeling light and airy, but adds a sparkle and elegant touch to the casualness of the board and baton walls.  I especially like the strength of the black accents in the room, I think it adds a masculine edge and punctuates without being too much.  Another favorite in the space is the krewl work pillows on the sofa, they are warm and interesting without taking over.  The client and I liked the krewl so much we used it on a Victorian chair to the right of the fire-place as a quiet corner to read or as a pull in the living rooms main seating area.  The other shot of glam in the room is the silk ottoman, it’s the “jewelry in the room”, a little something special… and it makes the perfect perch for the hostess when the room is at maximum capacity.

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