the Tilden

November 3, 2010

Look what were putting on the floor today!  The Tilden sofa by Thomas O’Brien for Hickory Chair.  One of O’Brien’s favorite refined casual looks, this shapely sofa has both the poise to be used in formal settings and the deep comfort desired of more everyday rooms. The classic fitted frame has a graceful arcing back and slender arms that slope down and flare out, for a gentle, delicate profile. A loose pillowback configuration adds a deep, leisurely elegance, and is based on an antique English sofa from O’Brien’s archives. Simple block feet uplift the base for a modern, clean silhouette. Available in 86” length with two seat cushions or 96” length with three seat cushions, we picked a beautiful herringbone fabric in a dark sage green.  I know this beauty won’t last long, it’s so comfortable!  I’m excited to get to work and merchandise it in along with a pair of chairs and a new rug that cam in yesterday.  I’ll post another pic of the showroom when finished.


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