November 1, 2010

When did that happen?  …26 days til Thanksgiving?  REALLY?!?!

Here is an image of a past Thanksgiving at my house.  In the weeks leading up to the holiday I had seen a sweet 16 birthday party on MTV where the spoiled young girl insisted on gift bags for all her friends because she had seen Paris Hilton give them out at one of here parties and I thought why not give them at Thanksgiving?  I enjoyed making cookies, home-made preserves and candy to fill the bags with… lets just say they were a hit, although looking back, the table was a bit spare.  I have come to prefer abundance when decorating for a holiday or event, more is more after all.  But the idea of a take away from a Thanksgiving dinner ( beyond leftovers, not that those are bad ) is still one I like and may repeat this year.

What is the point of this blog you may be wondering?  Start planning now for Thanksgiving!  Type Thanksgiving into the search box on this page to posts on setting the table correctly, center piece ideas and images from other Thanksgivings past, I’m busy collecting ideas to share with you in the coming days.  Just for starters… You will want to know how many people you are hosting so you can order your turkey(s) ahead of time, that is JOB ONE! (plan on one pound to one and a half pounds per person). This will yield leftovers unless your family is a football team.


2 Responses to “NOVEMBER FIRST?!?!”

  1. Claudia Says:

    How do you balance an “abundant” table with the need to pass dishes…or do you? Buffet? Meal served plated in kitchen? How do you handle “seconds?!” What do I do about dishes with pink carnations (I know, I know, but it was 1983 and I was a BABY when I chose them) and autumn colors? HHHHEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!

    • bill barr Says:

      Serving dishes on the table are part of the abundance! …provided they arn’t mix-matched and dont require foil tops! Unless your going for a very formal dinner family style with food on the table or on a near-by buffet is my first choice. Matching serving dishes ( all white is the easiest to exicute ) is key to keeping the table pretty.

      As for the pink floral dinnerware… try mixing soft pink flowers with apricots, soft yellows and whites. Your local grocery store or forist will have small roses and other flowers in this palette and it will intergrate the pink. It could even be really pretty, unexpected. or you could go out and buy new dishes.

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