This One’s For The Girls

October 25, 2010

You can’t walk down the street in New York, or almost anywhere for that matter and not see fashionistas in this vintage meets street meets old guard look of twisted rhinestones and ribbons layered with chains of different sizes and metal finishes creating a “bib” effect in some cases, pendant clusters in others.

I love this look but coming from the school of getting the look for less and putting a bit more creativity in your own personal fashion I suggest:

Take an old rhinestone necklace – thrift store or garage sale – and a few chains of varying lengths and attach them to a small metal loop ( often called a jump ring ) or you could use household wire or even thread or string at both ends – the color will matter a little, because once you have the necklace and the chains connected simply tie a ribbon to each of the loops and tie a bow at the side or back and PRESTO! you have a unique necklace that you made for pennies that you can change to suit your mood or outfit.  Of course variations could be made, after you complete the above steps, pin a large broach to one side of the chain/rhinestone connection at the loop for a real show stopping look.  I say add a rhinestone pin, or two!


2 Responses to “This One’s For The Girls”

  1. Teresa Kaeterle Says:

    Beautiful….I’ll have to try and make one!

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