Another Lamont

October 19, 2010

Alexander Lamont has been surrounded by folkart and antiques since he was 2 years old. Living in Africa and India and later growing up in rural England, his family ran a business called Global Village Crafts that dealt in antiques and objects from Asia. Early exposure to the techniques and materials of craft provided a rich education for the business he started in Thailand in 1999. Exquisite artworks and furniture are made in his workshop in Bangkok, where sculptural and architectural forms are infused with a rich palette of natural and traditional skills. In Bangkok Alex has drawn together a team of over seventy artists, craftsmen, designers and supporting staff to create a company that has become a a destination in Asia for objects and furniture with design and craft integrity.

LAMONT is a product design company with a strong reputation for high quality original designs created with unique and rare materials.  They have a strong collection of unique accessories, lighting and furniture. Most items are made by hand in their workshops and use materials of great value and beauty. LAMONT is unique in Asia, being able to create bespoke products for individuals, designers and retailers around the world.

Design showrooms such as Baker and McGuire commission products from LAMONT for their collections and they supply original art and decorative items to hotel groups including Mandarin Oriental, St Regis, Aman and GHM. I think I recently saw their beautiful accessories and furniture in Barney’s New York.

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