October 16, 2010

Mentioned in an earlier post,

I though Justin & Glenn Lamont deserved a shout out of their own…

Justin Lamont and Glenn Lamont LifeSpaceJourney Melbourne

LifeSpaceJourney is a collaborative, solutions-based design and property development consultancy – founded by brothers Glenn and Justin Lamont.  Their goal is to offer new ideas, creative project solutions and craftsmanship to drive smarter, smaller and unique urban developments and design outcomes.  They hope to redefine  the direction of urban infill in cities through a passion for leading edge design and innovation by reducing building envelopes, ecological and lifestyle footprints whilst enhancing private dwelling spaces and building quality to reflect the progressive shift in the way we live, work and play.  phew, that’s a lot!  Seriously, their aesthetic is flawless… so it’s doing good for the environment and planet while improving the way we live, WOW.  These guys rock.  Here is a great image of their work.

These guys also design product…  the Australian wonder twins.  look at some of their cool designs…


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