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October 14, 2010

Found this sweet bed on and while I don’t know much about yet, I’m thinkin this bed is a total winner.  Called the bet, this bed breaks down to almost nothing, goes together with out screws or bolts and… it looks amazing.  Don’t you love the way it looks so delicate and becomes so strong when the two different shapes are interlocked?

the bet is – a bed
the bet is – a sequence of two different elements
the bet is – ply wood made of ash tree
the bet is – to be assembled without any tools and bolts
the bet is – a good possibility for an accomodation of your guest
the bet is – just a bed

Designer: netwerch (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: netwerch (Switzerland)
Material: ply wood
Colours: natural
Dimension: 90x200x28 / 140x200x28 cm
Price: CHF 1000.- / 1500.-

…who knows how much that really is, and who really cares?  This bed rocks.



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