Lattice Everywhere

October 13, 2010

Design by Justin & Glenn Lamont. Photographs Derek Swalwell.

Latticework an ornamental and/or structural crisscrossed framework, an arrangement of crossing laths or other thin strips of material.  Latticework becomes trellis when something is grown on it… I looked that up.

I am crushing big time on how well the Moroccan-esque screen works with the crisp sparseness of this modern home.  They live so well together and it’s easy to enjoy the playful intricate design of the lattice because there are no distractions from its power.  It is balanced by the strength of the green accent wall, but the two powers really allow the other to be at peace in the space.

look at the beautiful trellis pattern by Kelly Wearstler on the headboard in this bedroom, great isn’t it?  Lattice patterns are very “old guard” once favored by the designers of bygone eras.  And for some it is all a bit too retro ( if you lived through it the first time, that is ).  Well, it’s back.  perfect on its own in a tonal neutral setting or mixed with florals and small repeats, it mixes in and adds a geometric counterpoint to loose open patterns.  I like it as the only pattern in a room, the idea of using it like a toile ( everywhere, on everything sounds good to me ).




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