White(ish) Kitchens

October 5, 2010

This beautifully executed space is the work of Australian designers Mardi Doherty & Fiona Lynch.  I found the images on a website based in Australia and loved tha balance of white, wood, pattern and texture.  All in all this is still a white kitchen in my book, but the warm wood tones make it warm and soften the edges a bit and the graphic black and white wall paper add just a bit of texture keeping the space from going to bland.  I think its interesting that we have seen these chairs used many times before ( as well as the pendant light ) but some how they look so fresh in this kitchen and so right for the space.

As you can see they did add a splash of red to the soft area in the corner of the kitchen, I like the red and think it balances the bold black and white print on the wallpaper used on the stove wall back-splash.  Bringing the paper all the way that wall adds height to a space that typically feels very horizontal due to countertops and cabinets.  No fancy hood, no tricky knobs, no excessive countertop edge detail… just clean, spare tailored details for this kitchen.  Kudos Doherty & Lynch!

To see more of their work follow this link to their website… http://dohertylynch.com

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