Small is the new Big

October 2, 2010

Just coming off a short weekend on the Cape ( Cape Cod ) and I have to say I am smitten with small houses right now.  Who needs a double height foyer?  …not me!  Long walks along route 6A provided an up-close look at some very small very charming little houses, not all but most were old too and there is something to be said about that too.  It is very hard to build a new house and get the level of charm that old houses seem to serve up in spades.  Tight twisted stair cases, quirky woodwork and built-ins everywhere give small older homes visual interest and authenticity that is sometimes too expensive to recreate in newer homes.  I seem to need less and less as I get older, even though I am living in a 4 plus bedroom house right now, I’m sure I will end-up in something much smaller and hopefully even older than my 1907 colonial revival home.  The little beauty I has posted above is in Barnstable, MA.  It’s close enough to the beach to walk and is just outside of town where you can get a good latte and do a bit of shopping… what more does a person need?

p.s. Whit trim white shutters on natural shingles, CHIC!

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