This One’s for the Boys!

October 1, 2010

This is always the time of year I’m turned on by fashion, the concept of being able to layer and not sweat ( until I walk into an over heated room of course, but I digress ) …shirts, sweaters and sport coats all layered up, LOVE it!  What I’m most fascinated by is that mens fashion has definitely taken the same route as home furnishings.  If I had to label whats hot in mens fashion right now I would deem it Shrunken Preppy and Modern Lumberjack.  Most of the examples fall into the Shrunken Preppy look.  Everything with this look is trimmed down, almost tight… but not stretchy.

Torn jeans, Who knew?  Distressed denim is big and guys are still being cuffing high ( thanks Thom Browne ) lighter rinse denim is definitely on its way back into our closets.  For winter keep em rolled high, but add a brown work boot, Black shoes are SO OUT! heard it here first.Where does the Modern Lumberjack come in?  Well, plaid shirts are everywhere.  The fit should be trim and sleeves can be rolled with jeans or layer it up with a vest and tweed jacket.  The brown work boots will work with this look too!  I can’t mention the Modern Lumberjack without touching on cords.  Always popular in the fall and winter and this year is no exception.  BUT, you have to toss all your traditional cords with a “slacks” cut and go get some skinny fit 5 pocket cords and/or trim fit chino style pants… full leg pants are SO yesterday.

Shrunken Preppy!


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