Rug Trends

September 27, 2010

The latest trend in rugs is over-dyed strong bright colors, old rugs and reproduction rugs are being dyed after being woven to produce an updated look to very traditional patterns.  if you have a small rug and want to get in on the trend you could try doing it yourself with a RIT dye or you could buy a rug already dyed, but they are expensive, or you could buy a Mamluk rug.

 Mamluk rugs typically have a more unique color pallette and feel like the over-dyed rugs being shown in home magazines and retailers, but are not put through the second dying process.  Most Mamluks are reproductions of 14th century rugs produced during the Mamluk Dynasty in Egypt.  Only about 100 antique examples survive in the world, some only fragments, so these wonderful recreations are quite unique and collectible in their own right.   We are lucky enough to have a few Mamluks in stock right now at Surroundings. 


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