Books, Books, Books.

September 26, 2010

Speaking of adding soul to a space ( see yesterdays post)… I believe that every book has a soul of sorts.   Filling a room or wall with books adds a rich layer of stories and “soul”to the space, books are warm and friendly… familiar, like old friends.  They also make for an interesting back-drop.  Much like a painted accent wall, a wall of books adds visual interest to a space, and if that wall of books goes ceiling to floor it can add vertical space to the room.  I love a well staged bookcase with interesting objects tucked in and a piece of art or two hung right over the books, further layering the rows and rows of texture created by the varied spines.  If you have books all over the house, look around and see if there isn’t a wall you could dedicate to books completely.  the rest of the hose will thank you for the lack of clutter and the impact your new wall of books makes will make you glad you did it.


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