White Kitchens

September 20, 2010

Do I even have to say it?  If this is your first visit to Billblog then maybe I do, but if your a regular you probably know already that I love this kitchen.  White kitchens with open shelves rather than upper cabinets equal the perfect work space and food prep surroundings possible.  It’s clean, bright, uncluttered and it looks good.  The natural wood floors, table and shelves warm the space, and the hanging pendant adds a warm soft glow that is also “warming” to the space.  The light was created by George Nelson in 1947.  He became inspired by a self webbing material used to moth-ball ships in New York and he convinced himself it would be perfect for lighting. After making metal frame he tracked down the source of the webbing material and by the next day he created a big glowing sphere and the Bubble Lamp was born. Modernica has faithfully reproduced the bubble lamps (available through Hive) to the exact specifications using the original Howard Miller factory tooling. It’s a classic and some are under$300.00!

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