Cozy-Up For Fall!

September 19, 2010

Ready to hunker down for fall?  You’ve probably got a week or three before you start lighting fires in the fireplace, but come on that sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  Now is actually the time to order firewood and have your chimney checked AND you still have time to cozy-up a room with a dark coat of paint, and why not?  In less than a weekend you can transform an everyday room into a dark magical and mysterious room perfect for curling up with a good book and a pot of Mariage Freres tea.  I shot this room in the daylight so you could see the details  …and because the iPhone doesn’t have the settings necessary to get a really good night shot.  Candles in this room, along with a lit fireplace are the perfect quality of light, but the satin nickel floor lamps are there if book reading is on  the agenda.

There are a pair of chairs ( not pictured ) that flank the sofa.  They are covered in a dark mohair upholstery.  Their dark color helps balance the dark green on the walls and it pulls their color – chocolate brown – out of the valance and pillow fabric.  I had the cashmere throw before I picked the wall color, have to love that they match so well, and would you believe that both are a prefect match to the original dark green tile around the firebox?  Perfect!

Parting Thought: If you decide to paint, really go for it and make a statement.  If you chicken out and go half way with a safe-ish color you won’t get the same impact.  What have you got to loose?


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