I’m Working On It

September 15, 2010

Here is a house I’m helping a client with, it dates back to the late 1800’s and needed major updating. The porch roof blocks a lot of natural light from reaching the living room so we added the french doors to flood the first floor with light.  The dormer over the kitchen is also new, it really expanded the master bedroom and opened beautiful views of the mature garden.  The clients and I are debating whether to put shingles back on the exterior vs clapboard which is most likely original to the house.  I love the look of clapboard, but there are maintenance and cost issues, so I might not win. Consulting on finishes (stone, tile, cabinets, etc)  right now, and reviewing what furniture can come from the last house we did together and what needs to be ordered.  I think this project will turn out really, really cute… I like the vibe we are going for.. old-timey cottage with a twist.  These clients have lots of good art so decorating will go easily, it’s what might come with them furniture wise that will be a challenge.  their current house has bigger rooms so the furniture could present scale issues, we shall see… stay tuned!


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