a Year and a Day Later…

September 12, 2010

I finally got to painting my back stair case! ( well, my painter did ).  That’s right back on July 22, 2009 I posted that I was going to paint my stairs and do a painted runner and 13 months later, its half done.   It was a big job because the 1950’s knotty pine paneling needed multiple coats of primer and oil based paint to cover forever the dark knots and varnish that can yellow any paint in a mater of months if not done correctly.  I decided to paint the risers white and leave the treads stained, for now… the truth is I’m still debating as to a painted runner or a wool or cotton flat weave runner to soften the space a bit.  Either way, I’m SO happy to see the knotty pine go!  And just for the record, I like knotty pine when its in a 1950’s summer cottage or cabin by a lake, but not in my 1907 Colonial Revival Neo-Gerogian home.  Everything has it’s place.

Now “all I have to do is…” pick a runner.


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