Round or Square?

September 10, 2010

It seems to me that people fall in to one of two categories: Round or Square. I’m a square. I like most things at right angles or on a grid. I shy away from things on an angle and I don’t have a lot of circular shapes in my life. Patterns I gravitate toward are typically geometric and not organic or fluid. What about you?

Now we could simply assume it’s a male / female thing… But I’m wiling to bet that’s not it. There are plenty of women that like squares, and lets face it we all know a few guys who probably go round,right? I started writing this post before I decided to google “round vs square”. What I was presented with ranged from “round vs square-toed boots” to “round vs square are pot growers wasting space” along with pizza shapes, burgers, manholes… and the list went on.

In decorating a balance of the two is typically the goal; break up boxy furniture with a round pillows, and a round rug perhaps; add a geometric pattern to pillows or a foot stool in a room filled with floral patterned upholstery, and so on. Square is a bit more modern in my mind, round the traditional choice but it really depends on the piece, pattern or project in question. A dining room table for instance is traditional rectangle or oval and modern in square or round. Often the space you have to work with will “tell” you what shape you need. It’s the aesthetic choices that ask us to follow our hearts, and determine if we are a round or a square.


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