White Kitchens

September 7, 2010

I’m still in the slightly rustic mode I guess.  I pulled this photo for a customer because we are doing a complete remodel on a small summer-house and there are so many great things in this image.  Window sills to the counter top… YES!  I have never been a fan of the standard 4inch curb or backsplash and I love the  way the windows “lighten-up” the look of this kitchen.  My advice is to use backsplash material that is different from the counter top ( it looks like this stone is Irish Soapstone, but don’t quote me ) if you are remodeling or building…  tile, bead-board, or if you must and you can afford it, use the same material as the counter top but take it all the way up to bottom of your wall cabinets or open shelving.  The wall mounted bridge faucet is also a really great look.  This type of faucet can often involve moving existing plumbing (can you say budget buster?) so the deck mounted version is far more typical, of course I like the expensive version, but it’s easy to wipe down the counter, the look is fresh and chances are your neighbor won’t have one!  Just three more “I love this” items in this kitchen: painted board walls, adds great texture and really is the strongest rustic element in the room and it’s a great counterpoint to the stainless farmers sink ( oh so modern, right?) …and lastly I love the pendant lights as task lighting centered on the 9 over 6 windows.  So, so tired of talking clients out of over lighting their homes with recessed cans.  I’m all for some, a few, in the right spots… but over head lighting is really the devil.  In the kitchen, try flush mount, semi-flush mount and pendants, along with your under cabinet lighting, please!


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