No Pattern, No Color, No Problem.

August 15, 2010

This room is basically two colors, squint at it and it’s black and white ( it’s really a warm creamy white and a deep espresso brown) but the point is it doesn’t get more basic than this.  No color, no pattern, no prints… and it’s FABULOUS.  When you remove busy patterns and excessive use of color you strip a room down to its basics.  Shape and form become the focus.  The fretwork chair from Hickory Chair – the Thurston side chair’s  graceful silhouette and Chinoiserie fretwork draw upon the decorative details of an 1820’s Philadelphia antique – becomes sculptural as does the deco inspired desk.  even the tiniest of details like the nail head and tufting on the upholstered chair pop when to finishes are simply executed.

The advice of this post is: When your decorating a room, you don’t have to pull in four different fabrics to make it feel interesting.  In fact, you can use one fabric throughout and get a very chic and sophisticated room.

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