Simplify Your Life

August 14, 2010

Sounds like great advice doesn’t it?  When you’re already in the thick of it, it can sometimes be hard to get out from under the wanting the “must haves” or the latest and greatest.  My advice, EDIT.  Ask yourself do I love it? and do I need it?  If you answer no, sell it, give it away or throw it out.

A comfortable place to sit, a good light, and good art are not negotiable.  I decided that a post on editing might be a good idea because I’m guessing I have 100’s of readers that love “the getting” as much as I do.  Well I here to tell you the getting-rid-of can feel pretty great too.  If a book-case in your home is supporting your own “Whoville” of dust, empty it ( yes, entirely ) and make piles with the stuff that comes out – Keep / Give Away / Throw Out – books you have read could be donated to a local school, keep the ones that really made an impression on you.  while the shelves are empty, Windex, dust, paint? the bookcase and then put back only the items in your Keep pile.  Put like items all on the same shelf to simplify the look.  picture frames one shelf, books one shelf, kids art one shelf, books again one shelf.  Merchandise your things for better visual impact.

Old magazines, half dead plants, piles of shoes at the back door ( charming but it’s still clutter ) we all let stuff stack up, and over time you sort of stop seeing these things and yet you wonder why doesn’t my house look like the houses in the magazines?  It can… by putting things away, or getting rid of them.  More than half of how good a room looks is about what you don’t put in or rather what you edit out.  Try it, you’ll like it!  Follow this link to a great story of inspiration –

p.s. My partner asked me why I re-used the first picture from a previous blog.  I told him that this little space resonates with me on a very personal level.  Something about it makes me feel safe and comfortable, and it’s good-looking in the simplest way possible.  …just incase you were wondering too.


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