dornob JUNKIE

August 10, 2010

I just can’t get enough! Kurt over at keeps killing it with the most outrageous and beautiful homes, cool gadgets and design news from around the world.  One day at a time dornob stays on message with trend setters and forward thinkers…  I keep coming back and it works, every time!

But what I’ve discovered (it only took a year to realize) is that when I borrow a blog I think it’s more polite to just post a tidbit, a sample of what is too be found by clicking over to dornob, or any other website so they in turn get the traffic, rather than me ruining the surprise, so here is a tidbit that I know will send you clicking before I can say dornob.

That is all I’m going to give you.  Great copy and more pics of this amazing house over at


2 Responses to “dornob JUNKIE”

  1. love dornob! Says:

    Thanks for turning me on to that blog; it’s great! You’re probably aware of, another one I love that’s similar. Also love the pics from Cap’n Jacks and am dreaming of our vacay and seeing you.

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