White Kitchen(s) and then some!

August 6, 2010

I know this guy, who knows this guy who’s got this place on the south forth of Long Island and he knows cool…  Just check out this sleek kitchen in his summer-house.  The wall of pantry cabinets hides the refrigerator and keeps this not so big kitchen feeling cohesive and spare.  The hood is so good for this space because it has presence and makes a statement without clogging up the corner of the kitchen, love the folded stainless as shelf/back-splash/hood.  Restraint is hard, and I appreciate the simplicity of this space.

The restraint continues into the bathroom in this chic little house.  But attention was paid to make interesting choices with texture to add a layer of quality and interest to the space.  The glass tile wall is the perfect counterpoint to the pillowed wall tiles behind the sink. As a designer I appreciate the follow-through with the modern sink and toilet, so often overlooked (or avoided to minimize cost) these fixtures really help deliver the message this room is sending.

Last, and certainly not least… the living space, all these rooms have in them is what you need to live comfortably in them.  Everything was kept low to allow the view out to be the only thing than really stands out, everything else takes a comfortable back seat.  This house would be easy to live in, for a week or forever!  I wonder if they rent?


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