the Dinner Party

August 1, 2010

From the signature cocktail, cucumber and watermelon mojitos with basil, to the machengo cheese on cranberry toast points with fig preserves, the evening was off to a great start the minute we got to our friends last night.  There was even an appetizer to the appetizers – freshly make guacamole was out when we arrived –  we made quick work of the chips and guac while the toasts were prepared.  The fresh corn and roasted asparagus garnishes were already set aside and the corn soup was on the stove… these two friends host like pro’s and you’d better bet everything was perfect.

After the corn soup that was finished with oven dried shiitake mushroom chips (like candy!) we served ourselves from the casual kitchen buffet.  The menu was barbecued hoisan salmon, marinated eggplant with fresh summer herbs, cauliflower fritters and mashed english peas with mint.  On the side tzatziki was a cool and refreshing counter point to the herbs and spices.  We laughed all night long and stayed up late enough to watch Saturday Night Live, but quickly discovered we were having way more fun with the TV off.  So we poured another glass of wine ( several had already been consumed) and moved on to desert.

Dessert was a freezer cake with fresh nectarines and a merinuge crust… another prefect choice for a summers eve dinner party.  Ice cream, whipped cream and fresh fruit were folded together and frozen to create this easy and delicious treat.  I could have had a second slice but I’m trying to be good about my diet because my summer vacation is coming up, so I didn’t.  And it’s a good thing I didn’t because this morning dessert rivaled last nights smorgashborg.  Here’s what we had for breakfast…

Not one breakfast confection, but two!  Made by one of the other guests, we had buttermilk coffee cake with fresh blueberries and a strawberry shortbread tart with some darn good coffee I might add!  Needless to say, I enjoyed the food but I have to say the company of good friends, who get you, your humor, and that make you so comfortable are really what makes a great evening ( but great food never hurts ).  Thank you to my hosts, and thank you for reading my sometimes pointless rants.

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