No coffee morning!

July 31, 2010

Hey everyone. Sorry no post this morning but it was sort of a no coffee morning, meaning I typically write my daily blog whilst sipping my Major Dickason’s blend ( Peets Coffee – they ship ) from my sofa. But, today I was up and out at 5:45 to volunteer at the Coalition For Buzzards Bay annual swim. Each summer swimmers raise money by collecting pledges, in turn the swimmers make their way from New Bedford to Fairhaven by crossing Buzzards Bay or outer New Bedford harbor. No, I did not swim. I spend my morning feeding swimmers and their cheering committees blue berry pancakes, locally prepaired baked goods and organic coffee. So no blog this am.
Now my partner are in the car driving up to see friends in Natick MA for a dinner sleepover they are goodies and the house is pretty so maybe I’ll just post some pictures later because I haven’t figured out how to upload one from my iPhone yet… That’s the reason for this confessional blog sans picture. Check back later for dinner party pics. Promise tomorrows will be back to usual, but it is a sleepover dinner party so who knows.


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