For The Love Of Dog!

July 29, 2010

There is just no denying the unconditional love of a dog.  They are always happy to see you, they are always up for fun and they make great snuggle partners… what’s not to love?  I have blogged before about dog’s way back on October 7th, 2009…  That was less than a month after I lost Frances my Wire Fox Terrier to cancer.  I think I’m finally ready to commit to a new friend, and I’ve been doing my homework, checking shelters, calling rescue leagues, talking to my vet, and yes, talking to responsible “family” breeders.  I think I have decided to move ahead with a female Border Terrier, who will be ready for her new home some time in October.

The first Border Terrier was registered with the British Kennel Club in 1913. The details appeared in the Kennel Gazette under the category — “Any Breed or Variety of British, Colonial, or Foreign Dog — Not Classified.” A total of 41 Border registrations were made in the same section between 1912 and 1919. Application for a separate breed register was made in 1914, and rejected. The breed gained official recognition in 1920.  last year 8,000 Border Terriers were registered with the AKC and that may sound like a lot but not when you compare it to a golden retriever, their numbers were closer to 100,000 registered dogs last year!

So, this little scrappy terrier is a lesser known breed who’s not over bread, inbred, and seems to not have any chronic health concerns.  I love the size ( 13 to 15 lbs on average ) and they require moderate grooming; their coats should be hand stripped – this is a process of combing away longer hairs to reveal a dense undercoat that is typically darker.  I will continue to support animal rescue leagues like the Milo Foundation – they rescue thousands of dogs from high kill shelters all over the US and keep them feed, comfortable, healthy and loved until they find their forever homes.  And, I encourage you to look in your local shelters before you approach reliable breeders about specific types of dogs but please, please, please, don’t buy from pet stores.  You don’t know anything about the puppies in pet stores… their history, how their mothers was treated and if they are well cared for before being shipped to your local mall.  There is nothing wrong with buying a dog from a responsible breeder who raises dogs with love and care, who is mindful of healthy well bred pups and who keep and raise their dogs in a home environment.


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