I’m Working on it

July 27, 2010

…but not for long.  I am wrapping up a favorite clients home, we’re  just about complete… we are only waiting on some custom bedding and working out a few kinks with some electric window blinds.  I posted interior shots of this house on June 9th and thought I would share a few more shots now that the furniture is in.

These two shots are a close up of the family room sofas ( the softest green leather you’ve ever felt ) and rain drums as coffee tables and the kitchen table with Sunbrella cushions and a custom walnut table base.

Here is a close-up of a living room sofa.  I love the textural buffet of fabrics in this room,…  tonal and modern but interesting and warm all with a beautiful hand.

p.s.  can this post count for the two days?  Sorry I missed you all yesterday.


2 Responses to “I’m Working on it”

  1. Sunbrella Says:

    An excellent job for a unique house design.

    — The Sunbrella Team

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