July 20, 2010

One of the many balls I have in the air right now is a bathroom remodel.  We have been looking for a sophisticated vanity, something urban without being “loft” or industrial, it needed to be more luxe and feel appropriate for a woman and a man… I think I’ve found it!  The Easton from Waterworks really fits the bill.  Easton has an undercurrent of Edwardian style but is timeless too.  Easton is the most extensive family in the Waterworks collection, with a range of moods from traditional to modern, and a selection of products from fittings to furniture, but i think this one will be prefect… and I love the accessories to choose from that really finish the look.  Check out Waterworks for some of the best looking bath fixtures on the market today.


One Response to “Vanity”

  1. These are wonderful looking fixtures. I think these can work for a man and a woman while looking modern but not “lofty”. They look very easy to clean and maintain as well.

    Juliette Samuel

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