Vroom Vroom

July 17, 2010

In a meeting last week a client asked me to design a car for him!  Design a car? Really?!?!  Well it turns out that I’m not going to be trimming any foam into fenders or sanding fiberglass into a hood or anything… Truthfully my first thought was it was going to be some sort of custom designed paint job for one of his collectible cars, you know flames that morph into rain drops as they spread across the car, that sort of thing.  But no, this job only requires me to select any and all customizable finishes on the new Jaguar XJ.  I was relieved frankly, that it wasn’t a muscle car paint job.  You all know I covet the Bentley Continental GT, I think Jaguar has definatlely borrowed a bit from my dream car, especially around the grill, and I gotta say… I love it.  This XJ is one sexy car, and at $80,000 it’s a fraction of the Bentley (were talkin an 1/8 folks).

So the big question is: What color?  The color car you drive actually says a lot about who you are to your friends, family, co-workers, potential dates and clients. There is some indication that the color car you drive can have as much impact on that “first impression” as the make and model.


A red car indicates that you are a passionate person. You are a “take charge” kind of individual and you are at least a little wild. If you are thinking of buying a red car keep in mind that red cars are still among the most stolen and one of the most ticketed vehicles on the road. Bright red paint also subconsciously sends the message that the owner is in a higher income bracket.


An orange vehicle is exceedingly hard to find. If you have an orange car you most likely crave attention. You are also generally a happy and upbeat person who enjoys being unique.


There aren’t too many yellow cars on the road either, but a few companies do put them out; think the Ford Focus and VW Bug for instance. If you drive a yellow car you are confident. You like to have fun and you embrace the child within.


Green is the color of nature. The person who chooses a green car is conscientious. They tend to be the go-to person in tense situations because they know how to keep their emotions in balance.


If your car is dark blue you are likely a very loyal person. You value relationships over wealth and you are calm. Rather than stand out, you like to blend in. If your car is light blue you are serene and peaceful. You also have a strong maternal instinct.


This is the color of royalty. If you have found a purple car you are a cherished individual who loves beauty, but walks with strength and purpose… you might also be very very strange, purple, really?!?!


There are few pink cars out there, but they can be found. If you have a pink car, you like to be treated with a soft touch. You like to smile and you think good health is important.


If you have a brown car that signifies that you are reliable. You are true to yourself and to those around you. You are earthy and don’t engage in “showboating.” You are approachable, responsible and worthy of friendship.


Once you go black… A slick black car is the epitome of power and authority. Think CIA or Secret Service. If you have a black car, you are sending the message that you are in control and are self-assured.


There are many white cars on the road. What they say about their owners has a lot to do with their upkeep. A clean white car shows that you pay attention to detail. You are careful and pure. A dirty white car makes you look sloppy and indifferent.


Although gray often represents the dreary and depressing in clothes, furniture and paint, that is not the case with your gray car. A gray car is a comfortable one. It represents stability and self-reliance.


Silver cars represent prestige, wealth and luxury. The newer and shinier the car, the more this will come across.


A gold car represents wealth and pride. If you have a gold car, you likely want to be noticed. You want people to know you do not lack financially and you are independent.


One Response to “Vroom Vroom”

  1. biggest fan Says:

    Hot car Billy … I think you should get one as well. Think of it as part of your job. tbm

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